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04.01.2006 Capewalk is history!

“Capewalk hasn’t changed the world, but this band has changed our world!” (Markus, 12/29/06)

After their final three unplugged shows on December 27/28/29 Capewalk eventually stopped finished their career.

Thanks to everybody who has been with us in the past 17 years and who joined us at our final shows. This website will continue with regular news updates.

Of course you still can buy Capewalk CDs and merchandising stuff in the shop. Come on in every now and then, we’ll be happy about your visits here!


26.11.2006 It’s over!

Capewalk’s last rock’n’roll show is done and it was an incredible celebration with lots of friends and fans.
There will be 3 more unplugged shows on 27/28/29 December before closing the doors forever. Take a last chance to see Capewalk and pre-order your tickets HERE!

13.10.2006 The days are getting shorter...

 … so our final is coming closer! We now present officially the Capewalk Goodbye-events: October 13 – 25: Exhibition “Capewalk 17” at Volksbank Metzingen The complete Capewalk history from the first Golgatha demos to “More Audio”; picture, objects, behind-the-scenes, making-ofs, merch articles and much more.

November 25: “Capewalk – The Final” Last rock’n’roll gig with the following guests: Snubnose (45 reloaded) Crushead Ararat Semtex Sprinx BBÖ Beatservice

December 27/28: “Capewalk – Goodbye Lunaland“ 2 final unplugged gigs at the legendary Luna Film Theater in Metzingen. We’d love to see lots of our English-speaking friends at one of these last Capewalk-events!

Next show: November 4, Karlsruhe-Heidelsheim. Enjoy fall and be blessed.


P.S.: Reduced prizes for articles in the shop! Check it out.


18.7.2006 What a fabulous gig...

…it was playing the Rock in the Ruins festival the last time! This is definitely one of the best festivals we have ever played; what a fabulous audience and what a breathtaking scenery yielding in a nice summer sunset… and we were on this stage for the final gig before the summer break.

Have a nice summer, Sun & Love, ...

1.4.2006 Spring 2006 has arrived.

This marks the beginning of the end as Capewalk are performing their final “More Audio” shows in the course of this year. By the end of 2006 there will be two final shows – one electric and one acoustic set – before Capewalk will have become history. HERE you can listen to snippets from the current album “More Audio”, HERE you can order Sweat- and T-shirts. Make sure to take the chance and see Capewalk for the final round!...