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 More Audio (2005)

“More Audio” Capewalk’s 5th and final full length CD reveals again the extraordinary quality of this band. Again Capewalk show an enormous range of variety when it comes to their new songs on “More Audio”. The band doesn’t say goodbye in a silent whisper, they rather sound the bells and ring alarm for the final! “More of less” is obviously THE song the band has ever written. Beyond any style classification Capewalk know how to reach the inside of the listener by their words and music. If you prefer straight rock’n’roll style, songs like “Beautiful mind”, “Breathe again” or “Lose it all to you” feel like home. Yet there is room for softer sounds on “More Audio”, as songs like ”You are” or “Angels” prove. Even the Bob-Dylan-like “Shine on me” paired with kids’ vocals is well integrated on Capewalk’s final. All in all, there’s not much more to say about this band, but much more to hear… give us More Audio!